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Las Vegas Locksmith Rekey Service

Rekeying means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only new key can open it.

If you are still using the same key you received when you first bought your home, think again. How many people from the past-tradesmen, friends, neighbors etc.-have ever had access to your key?

For a small fee Las Vegas Locksmith will re-key your locks. You'll feel secure knowing that only you and the people you trust will have access to your home.

Have you lost your keys? No problem!
Re-keying means you get a totally new key for your existing locks.

Las Vegas Locksmith will install, replace and upgrade lock cylinders, locksets and deadbolt locks.

Master Keying

Think of how convenient it would be to have one key that opens all the locks in your home or business. It's usually possible to arrange for locks of the same manufacturer to be keyed alike. That means no more unwieldy clusters of keys you have to drag around-also your life becomes a little less cluttered.

Master keying makes it possible for two different and distinct keys to open the same lock.
Master keying can regulate access to specific zones while enabling one master key to access all zones.
Las Vegas Locksmith can provide master keys for all buildings-office buildings, hospitals and residences-where compatible locks are found.

Now you can re-key your home, gate, garden shed, etc., with one key that opens them all!


When you re-key your locks, you begin a new cycle. You should be aware of the danger of your home or business keys falling into the wrong hands.

It's easy to duplicate standard keys. Any locksmith will do it with no questions asked. Even the serial number on your key can make its duplication possible.

Re-keying your locks will not solve future problems-it only restarts the cycle.

Avoid expensive and repetitive re-keying by being alert.

Evaluate your organizational needs in order to optimize the scope and flexibility of a new system.

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LocksmithLasVegas.us employs are expertise in providing locksmith services to the entire Las Vegas metro area. Our company is specialized in a variety of locksmith services*:
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Our locksmith business uses only high quality products; all locks and security products have been tested and each and every product has a proven reliability from the top manufacturers in the lock and security niche:
Baldwin, Weiser Lock, Medeco, Schlage, Von Duprin, Toshiba, Ademco, Sony, Panasonic, ADI, MUL-T-LOCK, Airphone and more high quality security products made by top manufactories.

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